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Colon Hydrotherapy (colonics) is a key to living a healthier, more vibrant life.

A colonic is an internal bath, a flow of filtered water into and out of the large intestine to detoxify the impurities from your system. Colonics remove toxins and waste, which helps you feel lighter, more rejuvenated and healthier.  

It’s my goal to provide you with a therapeutic colonic in an environment that promotes well-being, compassion and understanding. I use a “Woods Method” gravity flow closed system for a gentler colonic experience.

I’ll “meet you where you’re at.” Whatever your current dietary habits, comfort level or physical condition, we’ll work together to address your specific issues and move toward achieving your goals for health and well being.

I have been providing colon hydrotherapy since 1992 and am currently located in Boulder, Colorado (near 76th St and So. Boulder Rd).

The transformational healing that occurs with colonics continually inspires my clients and myself. I look forward to helping you achieve lightness, clarity and balance with colon hydrotherapy.

In addition to colonics, I have herbal cleansing programs and products available for purchase. I also offer therapeutic massage and polarity treatments.  

Please contact me for more details.


Tia Trujillo, BS, NTS
(303) 981-8505
Boulder, Colorado
(76th St and So. Boulder Rd)

Call for a free initial consultation:  (303) 981-8505

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